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Don't on-board your new team members, socialize them!

Socialization is “a process in which an employee acquires the attitudes, behavior, and knowledge needed to participate as an organizational member within the existing culture.”  It is known to be far superior to on-boarding because it ensures that newcomers understand their new role and preserves many of the organizational artifacts. Read the white paper on the importance of adequate socialization.  Then connect with us for the socialization assessment!

Consulting Services

Running your business shouldn't be frustrating. Going to work shouldn't be stressful!

Together, lets find a solution

Open Space Office


Let your organization buzz! A common language creates a strong connection, a leadership foundation in which all gifts are recognized and valued. A consistent experience ensures that team, members perform to their fullest through a culture of commitment.

Custom content

Danielle gave a powerful presentation on the importance of Mindset, customized to our club to meet the specific needs of our commitmentt to high school students

Sharon B., Past President

Kiwanis Club of Gig Harbor

From complex to elegant

Danielle has taken a very complex process and created a development program that is elegant in its simplicity

Wayne G., Director (Ret)

Port of Seattle

Quality in learning

Danielle prepared a quality assurance program for our vast offering of development courses that will simplify our process and ensure quality into the future.

Shelley G. Trainer

State of WA

Custom Curricula

Learning strategies designed for your business 


We’ve designed over 50 unique curricula for a variety of businesses.  Let us develop some for you. 

In person, live events

Fun, interactive, effective

Nothing solidifies a team like a common language and shared experience. 


One-on-one solutions and support

Leadership strategies that focus efforts on your team members and creates a culture of commitment

Organizational learning 

Create a growth & development culture

We provide a variety of curricula and tools to help integrate learning into a culture for sustainability and ROI

Thank YOU for working with us on structuring our company.

"Your skills and knowledge are incredibly valuable for any organization. We are so lucky to have you on board"!

Marina Vecchi Sternberg, Owner Adaptive Roofing

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