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About us

Welcome to Archetype Learning Solutions, where we work with you to find a solution to meet your unique organizational needs.  

The worlds as we knew it no longer exists, and the world we thought we knew has dramatically changed.   Our employee engagement scores are at their lowest ever, our team members are looking for something more meaningful in their work, and leaders are tired and burnt out. 

No two organizations are the same, so why use just any solution to meet your unique needs? Let us help you create a culture of commitment to optimize your results!

Who am I

My name is Danielle Lord

I am a PNW native and have spent my career helping to develop others, creating unique curricula for organizations large and small, and a university professor with a Ph.D. in leadership theory.

My superpower is helping people to connect the dots: making and discovering connections that might not have been realized before. 

I am also a small business owner and understand the challenges that small business faces.

As such, I created ALS in order for all businesses to have access to leadership development. 

Valuable insights

Your guidance, positive outlook, and insights have been very valuable.     Thank you.
Anne Marie M., MD
Providence Health & Services


Simply the most outstanding program  ever offered!
Tom H.
Port of Seattle

A definite mark

You and your [leadership] program have made a mark for years to come. 
Mandela T. 
Port of Seattle


Doctor of Philosophy: Organizational Management | Leadership Theory 


Master of Arts: Organizational Management


Master in Business Administration


Bachelor of Arts: Political Science and History

Why Work With Me?

Experience | Education | Empathy

With 30 years of working in the field of Organizational Development, I have extensive knowledge and experience in adult learning theory, employee engagement, leadership development, and how organizations function as living systems. Human behavior is complicated. Don't leave this important work in the hands of someone with limited experience!

Earning a Ph.D. in Leadership Theory solidified my core belief about the need for leadership: how leadership impacts organizational culture, an employee's commitment to your business, and the need for ethical leadership. We often confuse managing with leading, and while we need both, I can help you identify both the difference as well as when and how to employ both for the best results.

Too often employees and employers alike, experience organizational pain. Running your business, or going to work should not be painful, stressful, or frustrating. There is a better way!

Together, let's find a unique solution to your needs.

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