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Media spotlight

Whether its interviews, podcasts, or speaking engagements, you can find all of the Archetype Learning Solutions media work here! 

Behnke Design
Deep Dive:
Employee Engagement

Screenshot 2024-05-02 132216.png

I was privileged to host this important conversation on turnover in healthcare:
Is turnover just the reality or are there real solutions?


Canvas Rebel

My interview with Canvas Rebel, why I love being self-employed!

Driving Disruption: Danielle Lord and Monty Smith On The Innovative Approaches They Are Taking To Disrupt Their Industries

Using Presence to create disruption!


From the desk of the editor,
The Driving Disruption interview

"Your perspectives were enlightening and contributed significantly to the depth and breadth of the series. It's voices like yours that help challenge convention, inspire change, and advance our collective understanding of these important issues. Your insights have not only enriched the series but also provided our readers with valuable viewpoints to consider."


The Patrick & Mary Unstoppable Author series: Focused Moments

Five essential elements for creating a successful onboarding experience

On-boarding is great, but I prefer the term socialization!  Learn about the ways we can improve the new team member experience. 


Moving from frenzy to focus
Authority Magazine interview 

Sometimes we need to move slow to move fast. Learn why a frenzied culture is detrimental to organizations, and how you can incorporate focus. 

The role of leadership in a toxic culture
Lets Break Up podcast

What is the role of leadership in organizational culture? Are there leaders who instigate rather than eradicate bullying behavior and what are the consequences? 


Leadership lessons from failure The Mosely Method podcast

What happens when data and experience are not enough? Letting leaders fail to pursue transformational change.

How organizational development benefits all! The Creative Desk

Moving from big business to entrepreneurship.  

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