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Train and learn together

Why it matters...
Your new hire has just been put into a system they know nothing about, but are expected to thrive based on a simple checklist.  Socialization is so much more than completing a checklist.  Ensure your new team members feel welcomed and successful from day one.
Research has shown that effective socialization

Reduces stress and turnover

New hires will make a stay or go decision within three days of hire

Provides personalized content

Meet the exact needs of your new hire and ensure they get the information they need

Ensure community support

Engage your existing employees to mentor and guide new hires

The cost of a lost employee can be as high as three-times their annual salary. Imagine the cost if unhappy ones stay?

Help your new hires feel welcome and successful from day one

Conduct check-ins and set realistic goals at 3-, 30, and 90-days check ins

Get your entire team engaged in socializing new hires!

Do you have the business you've been dreaming of?  

Happy Office Talk

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Additional organizational training & learning

On-going and well-presented events are key to ensuring your organization is learning as a whole, reducing silo's, developing a common language so that real conversations can occur reducing conflict and increasing organizational knowledge.

Custom Curricula

Learning strategies designed for your business 


We’ve designed over 50 unique curricula for a variety of businesses.  Let us develop some for you. 

Organizational learning

Create a growth & development culture

We provide a variety of curricula and tools to help integrate learning into a culture for sustainability and ROI

In person, live events

Fun, interactive, effective

Nothing solidifies a team like a common language and shared experience. 

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