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Personalysis reports & debrief

Personalysis is a tool used worldwide to help individuals and team s better understand themselves and others.  Unlike other personality profiles, Personalysis examines how we take in and act on information across three dimensions: what we need, what we expect, and what we prefer.  

Personalysis provides a team profile that allows you to deepen workplace relationships, improve communication and minimize mis-understandings, enhance team functionality, reduce unnecessary conflict.   Through our custom process, only Archetype can help you lead your team in a way that meets the specific needs of the team.  

Three options are available below, and upgrades to different packages are available.   Lets connect to discuss pricing as well as how Personalysis can benefit you and your team.  The best part, nearly everyone says that this will help their personal relationships too!  

Business Conference
"Let me begin by saying you always think you know yourself better than anyone. This is not always the whole truth. Dr. Lord, through Personalysis, has shown me how others perceive me as well as how I work with them. It's very insightful to know why you're inclined to do things a certain way. If you want a better understanding of how you can be at your best for yourself and in your organization, then I would highly recommend this analysis."

Margaret J., Owner NOWVI

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