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Meet the team!

Nothing. Happens. Alone.

I consider myself beyond fortunate to have a great group of supportive team members from a variety of backgrounds. Together, we bring you dynamic conversations and different perspectives, so you can develop the organization of your dreams.

Be it The Everest Experience team facilitators, bloggers, instructional designers, and great cold-eyes to make sure I dot the i's and cross the t's, we are here to support you, using just our brains and years of AI for this group!

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About me

My name is Danielle Lord

My passion is alleviating pain and frustration in the workplace.  

I have 30 years of experience in the field of organizational development, helping transform the culture of large organizations to create a "culture of commitment."  

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The Everest team facilitators

Archetype Learning Solutions is extremely fortunate to have leaders in their respective fields as team facilitators!  The Archetype team of Everest facilitators is here to lead the teams through the challenges of the Everest Experience.  Each member has been thought the Everest Event multiple times and is very familiar with events and situations as the conversations and fun unfolds!

The Blog Team

Blogging about all things leadership.


All things safety

Stephen Lord, Safe Start Certified, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

Safety Consultant 

Stating that you have a safety culture is much bigger than the words. Its about effective policies, learning, and most importantly: psychological safety. We can provide all three.

Instructional Design

Lauren Jackson, MS

Sr. Instructional Designer with Amazon. 

Great organizational learning is so much more than words on a PowerPoint. It is a deep understanding of adult learning methodology, modalities, and taxonomy.


Partner coaches

Helping you find the right coach

Finding the right coach for your unique needs is crucial.  We have a partnership with a number of coaches to ensure you have the ideal coach relationship.

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