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Retain top talent

Unhealthy or toxic team dynamics, poor change management, and non-beneficial or personal conflict are the three top contributes to workplace bullying that contribute to your ability to retain top talent.

Toxic culture inhibits teamwork, communication, breaks trust and contributes to workplace errors, costly mistakes, and liability.

Do you have the business you've been dreaming of?  

Why it matters:
Team dynamics are complex and not taught in business courses. We unpack 100 years of human behavior that impacts your ability to meet strategic goals.  

The Everest Experience is an executive retreat that explores 

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The results are in!

Team dynamics: 75% rated 4 or 5
Managing vs leading: 75% 4 or 5
Leading change: 100% rated 4 or 5
Correcting team dynamics: 66% 4 or 5
Conflict resolution: 66% 4 or 5
4: Learned a lot more; 5: WOW! had an ah-ha moment.
The Everest Experience
Your spot at the summit awaits! 
What does climbing a mountain have to do with leading? Well, nothing really. It is however, about understanding what can happen when a group of people come together and how all of these individual realities and differing perceptions affect the your organizational goals. 

If you're looking for a unique executive team experience, the Everest Experience is it!
Image by Todd Diemer

The Everest Experience: 
Leading teams through change & conflict to collaboration

The Everest Experience is a great event for your operations or executive leadership teams.  Covering many of the human dynamics that exist within your organization and impact your ability to meet strategic or operational goals, this event allows your team to unpack organizational issues and strategize real results with practical tools and resources.

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