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           Executive Leadership Coach,               Organizational Development Consultant,
Facilitator, Author, & Speaker

We can help you structure your operations so that

roles are clear, processes are well developed, and

change is more effective with less stress.

"A great value" Marina S., Adaptive Roofing

Attract the best talent through great organizational design

Helping you develop the organization of your dreams


We exist to provide small to medium size organizations support so they can effectively attract, hire, train, retain, coach, and if necessary, conclude the employee relationship. With these solutions businesses are able to create a culture of commitment where all team members and the organization are happy, healthy, and whole. 

We accomplish this through a variety of proprietary tools and resources to:

  • Attract: attract the right people through a well-designed organization that recognizes talent,

  • Train: learn together to cultivate team members through clear expectations, growth & development opportunities, and effective learning opportunities, and

  • Retain: retain your investment through a culture that provides psychological safety and trust, develops great teams and leaders, and promotes for the right reason. 

Many business owners are frustrated with employee retention and the high cost of turnover. Even worse, the unaccounted for cost of employee apathy.  Don't let these hidden costs interfere with your dream of business success. I'd love to connect with you to discuss how we can help!

Our Services

Helping you create a culture of commitment so you can attract, train, & retain your talent through the Archetype Learning Solutions proprietary suite of tools.


Attract great talent

Attract the best talent through

great Organizational Design

Retain top talent

Inspired experience

The small group discussions covered some challenging topics. Sharing and listening to others was a very enriching experience.
Jim L.
COO, Providence St. Peter Hospital

Great value 

You are an amazing teacher; I appreciate and value the time I’ve spent participating in anything you’ve developed.
Dehlia A. 
Port of Seattle

Focus on the right thing

What could have been a terrible conflict resulted in a solution that saved our club time, money, & pain. 
Mary, T
Altrusa International

   Watch out world, new leaders emerging!
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