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New team member socialization
Perspectives on socialization: an exploration of nursing career satisfaction


Abstract: The current nursing shortage is complex, and reported to be like no other. Hospitals nationwide report job vacancy rates of up to 20%, affecting overall operations and patient care. Historical issues, changes in both technology and education, as well as changes in the healthcare model have all contributed to the nursing shortage vis-à-vis nursing dissatisfaction. The aim of this study was to conduct in-depth interviews with hospital staff nurses to evaluate the extent that disparate role expectations and inadequate socialization contribute to dissatisfaction. Using a qualitative methodology, this study employed the grounded theory strategy to explore the daily life of nursing experiences. Participants of this study consisted of 20 nurses who represented 12 acute care hospitals in Washington State. Findings revealed a lack of consistent socialization techniques and practices for both novice nurses entering the profession, and veteran nurses entering a new role, unit, and/or organization. Nurses who entered the profession with personal expectations, the role of a supportive mentor alleviated disparate role expectations, and provided support, clarity, and guidance. New nurses who lacked a mentor struggled to adequately socialize into the role and lacked purpose and clarity. Veteran nurses, particularly those changing roles and/or units, required additional knowledge transfer to assimilate into a new role that may have required different or unique clinical skills.

Physician-clinician to physician-leader: what physicians need to effectively transition to leadership roles

This research was conducted in partnership with Larry Schecter, MD; part of our mutual work developing physicians and transitioning their work from clinicians to executive leadership roles.  While this work was focused on physicians from across a variety of specialties, it can be widely generalized to other professions that has a trauma-based learning approach.  

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Understanding individual & organizational impacts of multiple supervisors in a limited duration period

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What gets in the way of developing team norms?

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