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The Archetype Learning Solutions University


Well, not really a university, but its the same material that I taught to Master's students as a University Professor for 13 years.  Now, available to anyone interested in developing their Leadership Quotient.  

The undergraduate classes: Begin from Within

Graduate level classes: Shared Leadership

CEUs: Leadership Tools

The Electives series


Be sure to check out all of our offerings, priced for everyone, because everybody leads!


Exclusive products:
Archetype Learning Solutions University

Digital course-packs because #everybodyleads!


My goal and passion are to make leadership available to everyone, with a specific focus on small businesses and individuals who want to learn more, but may not have the resources to access large, expensive consultants or higher education.  

Teaching leaders and leadership has been my passion!  


I love to witness the moment when leaders realize that there is a different, better way to connect with team members.  That moment of realization is what brings me great joy be it in the corporate or university classroom, its an awesome experience to be part of new learning.

There is a better way.  


The world that we knew no longer exists.  In just a few short years, the world has experienced collective trauma, we are encountering more and more AI in our workplace, employee engagement scores are at their lowest ever, and we now have a much more diverse workplace. 

Leadership development may the solution you need.  

Tired of the old smiley face evaluations? 

There is a better way to measure the outcome of your learning.  Our evaluation solution? Measure the difference in pre- and post-learning with our unique evaluation.  

Begin from Within: foundations of leading 

“Leader know thyself,” written many years by Socrates, Plato, Confucius…no one really knows, but the fact remains that this element of self-awareness starts with the idea that in order be authentic, we must take the time to have a deep exploration of self.  


Shared Leadership: 

Its time to #reenvisionleading!

Communication, influence, relationships: these are the skills that move leaders from acting as individual contributors to collaborative leaders - getting work done through the organizational hierarchy and across multiple boundaries.


CEUs and Electives

A series of related leadership courses as well as leadership tools, all designed to help create a culture of commitment within your organization, because #wecandobetter! 

  • The CEUS: simple and effective leadership tools to help create a common language and consistent employee experience.   

  • The Electives: a series of additional leadership development learning opportunities to provide additional leadership support


Academic research

An important part of any University is research.  I am actively involved in researching leadership topics. If you're interested in participating please contact me directly or download the studies to further develop your own leadership quotient.

My research studies are available as is current and active research. 


ALSU Book Store

Every university has a great bookstore to browse!  Check out our corporate gifts.  

The Archetype Learning Solutions Leadership Development programs can be customized to meet your strategic organizational goals.  We also offer an outstanding evaluation strategy that can measure the effectiveness of your organizational learning to your strategic goals.  

If you want a more effective evaluation plan and a way to measure your success, schedule now!

Lets connect!  I'd love to help you establish a leadership development program in your organization.

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