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Our goal is help you develop the organization of your dreams!  We do this by helping you create a culture of commitment that allows you to attract, train, and retain great people who are as committed to your organization and its goals as you are. 

The Archetype Learning Solutions white paper library offers a quick glimpse into the results of our work.   Check out our work and learn how we've helped others.  You'll find our series of white papers organized by topic of attract, train, and retain so you can get the specifics that you're looking for.  You can find the research related white papers here too.


We offer a proprietary suite of materials and tools.  Connect with us to see if our solutions can help your organization meet its strategic goals. 


Helping you create a culture of commitment so you can attract, train, & retain your talent through the Archetype Learning Solutions proprietary suite of tools.


Attract the best talent through

great Organizational Design

Attract the right people through a well-designed organization that recognizes talent.

Organizational design

Is your organizational structure clearly defined? A poorly structured organization can lead to significant conflict.  Read our white paper and let us structure your organization to reduce conflict, bottlenecks, and frustration.

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Culture of Committment

How does a common language and consistent team member experience create a culture that attracts top talent?  Find out here!

Organizational assessment

Do you know what's limiting your organization? Do you know what your team members are saying about your organization? Are these limiting your ability to attract great talent? Check out our organizational and lets get to the root cause of your frustration.


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Examples of organizational design templates and tools. 

"I had no idea how many bottlenecks and frustrations existed in our department"

Emily G. Department of Licensing WA State

Learn together to cultivate team members through clear expectations, growth & development opportunities, and effective learning opportunities.

Socialization toolkit

Was it really a bad hire? Explore the benefits of socialization.  We've been researching socialization for 16 years, and sadly effectively bringing on new team members has gotten worse!  We can do better for our new hires and resources. 

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Begin from Within

Exploring the foundations of leadership. Our nine-part series explores the most current leadership topics available today.

Shared Leadership

Getting to the how of leadership.  We introduce our Shared Leadership model and SEEM framework. 


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Socialization "About Me" posters

"The socialization tools really helped me understand the importance of ensuring we have great mentors" 

Sandy P. Dir of nursing education, St. Peter Hospital

Learn together to cultivate team members through clear expectations, growth & development opportunities, and effective learning opportunities.

The Everest Experience

An executive retreat like no other! Leading teams through change and conflict to collaboration. 

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Organizational change

Did you know that organizational change can be one of the most stressful events within your organization?  Use our change management approach to ease the way. We can't take away all the stress, but we can make it easier.  

Career pathways

A career pathway, or pipeline, an ideal development solution that provides role or industry education in a structure, planned, and objective way. 

It also ensures that all of your organizational learners are getting the information they need to help you succeed! 


I'd like a copy of The Everest Experience white paper!  

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"Potentially boring information literally comes to life in the Everest Experience"!

Will G. Owner, Goods Automotive

Original research:
Original research conducted in nursing and physician development. You can also download the research

Nursing Career Satisfaction 
White Paper

This white paper is an overview of nursing career satisfaction through socialization.  Best, the same socialization needs of nurses can be broadly applied to anyone in any organization.

Physician Leadership Development
White Paper 

Understanding the development needs of physicians is key in our fast-changing healthcare field. Best of all, this helps to better understand development needs of any aspiring leader. 

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