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Recipe recognition cards: strategy #6

Procuring the right ingredients always produces a better product.

Our organizations are filled with three, 15, dozens, or even hundreds of unique individuals.  Each has their own unique set of needs, wants, factory settings, and motivational preferences.  If we treat each individual the same, we’re likely to only have only one or two whose needs are being met and are willing to perform at their best. 

My husband came up with this nifty solution to quantify the differences within our teams:

Temperament type X learning style X motivational needs X recognition preference X values X number of employees = a very large number that represents that very complexity! 

Lets look at it with some real information:

16 (using MBTI) four (VARK) two (intrinsic or extrinsic) two (public or private) ∞ (the number of values are perhaps infinite! But lets go with 50) 50 X number of employees (lets say four to keep it simple) = 51,200 possibilities of unique ways to interact with team members.

Now, this method has not been scientifically proven, it does however give us a glimpse into the unique nature of a team of even four people – oops, humans. 

I like to remind leaders to Engage everyone. Everyday!  With at least 51,000 possibilities how on earth do we do that?  A simple hello and good morning is of course a great beginning, but a fun technique is to utilize Recognition Recipe cards – strategy #6


Coming soon!  Engaging your employees:

12 heart-centered strategies to drive your organization’s culture and commitment.


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