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Re-recruiting: the little-known engagement strategy with big results

Recently, in an organization not far from you, a senior member of the team was passed over for a promotion.  He had years of experience in the business, was a great individual contributor, knowledgeable with the processes and equipment, and a significant influencer as part of the team.  He was passed up by a relative newcomer to the organization and the team, unfamiliar with the operations, and lacked a good rapport with the team.


Now, promoting individual contributors within the team isn’t always the best strategy, for multiple reasons.  They may lack the knowledge, skills, and abilities to function as a manager or leader, and divorcing yourself from long-term collegial relationships can be difficult at best. 


There is usually a missed opportunity however, that is taking time to re-recruit your veteran member.  Re-recruiting is an opportunity to let your team members know that they remain valued members of the organization.  This is especially important in a situation where one member has been passed over for another. 


Here are the specifics of recruiting, its simple and effective, and the perfect opportunity to strengthen the employer-employee relationship.  It’s strategy #4 of the 12 engagement strategies in my newest book: Engaging your employees: 12 strategic activities to drive your organizations culture and commitment. 


Re-recruiting is no different than your initial efforts.  Ensuring that your team members know the value of your organization and how they could make a difference is likely what got them to sign with you.  Let your team members know they are as valuable today as they were when you hired them!  Re-recruit. 

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