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Organizational predators and prey

Do you need to be a predator to survive in business? At one time, being a predator seemed like a must-have in the corporate structure. Pop-culture was filled with references to those who had a trail of preverbal dead-bodies in their wake. But what was the outcome and the cost? Short-term, long-term, ethically?

Aren’t we better than that? Even in the most competitive industries, we have the capacity to make the difficult business decisions while maintaining relationships; the whole-ness of the individual left intact; happy, shiny, engaged people within our organizations working towards a mutual goal.

Welcome to the age of leadership: “an influence relationship…it is active, reciprocal, and non-coercive.” Lets say good-bye to heavy-handed, top down, command and control management practices of the past, we’re done with you! There is however a slight caveat to this however, we do need a balance of managing and leading, but the trick is knowing when, how, and why and ensuring the predatory practices remain in nature.

Want to learn more? Now everyone has access to the same Leadership Development tools that are offered in large-organizations and the same curricula that is offered in graduate level classes. Designed for small business by small business because everyone should have the opportunity to thrive! #reenvisionleading

Leadership definition derived from Kouzes and Posner (2002). The Leadership Challenge – a great read.

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