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On being VAP: Strategy #3

What the heck is VAP?...

A huge note of appreciation to Behnke Design for this fantastic VAP graphic! 

Best and most simply defined, vulnerable, authentic, and present leaders invert the traditional top-down pyramid and hold up or support the organization from the bottom rather than impose information from the top down. 

Most notable and most missing in our organizations today are 1) professional relationships between leaders and team members and 2) active engagement through vulnerability and presence with team members. Once we have professional relationships our lines of communication become more open and fluid and team members become more engaged in the group rather than simply self-interests.  Active engagement means that leaders are present.  They are:

  • out and about,

  • acknowledge team members,

  • may even know something personal about them,

  • ask questions, and

  • understand the fundamentals of the work.

Being present ensures that leaders are experiencing the same events as team members are, and working side-by-side removes the cultural barriers that limit communication.  Even better, the leader has a much better understanding of the day-to-day operations.  Suddenly, culture becomes very real, as a “leader” is now dependent upon others for answers and support.  We increase trust and we are less likely to break rapport with one another in high-relationship cultures. Its time to break away from the old beliefs that managers need to maintain a distance from their team members. Its time to be VAP!

Coming soon!  Engaging your employees:

12 strategic activities to drive your organization’s culture and commitment.

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