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Developing meaningful team relationships: Strategy #2

One of the greatest ways to increase engagement is to ensure that your team members have a BFW.  What’s a BFW you ask?  It’s a Best Friend at Work, and according to Gallup (retrieved 3/11/2024 from having a BFW is increasingly important because they provide emotional support, enhance trust, and is closely associated to better business outcomes.  It has become increasingly apparent since the start of the pandemic, relationships and connections have become even more important.   

How do we help to create those connections in our busy and complex organizations?  About Me© posters are a fun, unique way for your team members to connect with each other and improve employee engagement.  Our workdays consume a large amount of our life.  Professional relationships are therefore a meaningful and important part of our overall well-being at work.  About Me posters provide team members with a fun way to convey information about themselves, to learn more about each other, and encourage connections that might spark conversations and commonality that may not come up in day-to-day conversations.  Whether you’re in Germany, the US, or the Philippines one innate truth exists: humans need connections.  Help your team find meaningful connections in new ways and help drive commitment. Developing meaningful team relationships: strategy #2.

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