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What’s in a name?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

"Your own meaning comes from within yourself." Frank Jacob, 2022

Archetype Learning Solutions is a Learning and Development company dedicated to bringing leadership development to small businesses and individuals. I’m often asked, “what does archetype mean, and why is it the name of your company”?


An archetype is best defined as an original or one of a kind.  So there are two reasons why archetype is fitting for my work.  First, as humans, we are unique individuals.  You can put on the same clothes that I wear, you can style your hair like mine, change your mannerisms, and you can come close to looking and acting like me, but you can never be me.  Clothing, hair, mannerisms are the things we see above the surface, but below the surface are the historical elements that influence our perspectives and decision-making.  Regardless of how well we make an effort to emulate someone else, it’s our past experiences and our upbringing, that ultimately influence who we are and how we behave.  Our Begin from Within series explores these deeply held beliefs, which helps us inform ourselves as to our perspectives as well as understanding others.

Archetypes & leadership?

So, what does that mean for leadership?  Often, new leaders will experience a leadership style that they like, believe works, have been motivating, reinforces deeply held believes, and a variety of other things.  What occurs is new leaders are likely to imitate that style.  To be the best leader that you can be is to be authentic.  Yourself. That original that you are.  An unwillingness to be authentic means that your actions may not be consistent with your statements.  This leads to a break down in trust, and you cannot lead effectively without trust. 

Archetypes & your business?

The second reason is that your business is also unique. Like humans, our organizations as entities have above and below the surface artifacts as well. We know them as culture. Your organization is a completely unique entity. To assume otherwise does not take into account your unique needs. A lot of learning platforms offer great material, but it is often cookie cutter. Perhaps based on something that worked well for one organization but may not meet the distinct needs of your organization.

Why us?

Archetype Learning Solutions is a small and nimble.  As such we have the capacity to create learning and development tools and solutions to meet the unique needs of your business and leaders.  Feel free to connect with us at and explore our 25 years work and passion! 

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