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Welcome to a new world of leadership!

Its time. Its time to re-envision leading – how we lead, what we know about leadership, and how we learn about leadership.  

The last two-years has changed our world. The world we knew as children no longer exists, and the world we thought we knew has dramatically changed. As such we now have the capacity to create a new world: one where knowledge is available to all, one that is compassionate and kind, one where everybody leads.

The art and science of leading is something that is and should be available to everyone, regardless of position or title. In my experience, organizations have kept “leadership development” confined to those in leadership positions, thereby we model behaviors that we’ve been exposed to overtime, this becomes particularly relevant when we see these behaviors -even bad ones- rewarded overtime, and those habits become difficult to change. As such, our current leadership archetype is based on old, outdated management practices, not leadership principles.

What is even more confusing is that we have not done a good job of helping others to understand the difference between managing and leading, both the how and the when. Managing is an old, outdated construct designed to maintain the status quo, schedules tasks, and therefore people. However, there are elements of management that are still very needed and appropriate. The trick is knowing how and when to use it!

It’s time to re-envision leading: to realize that leading and leadership principles should be available to everyone because we all have the capacity to lead. Welcome to archetype learning solutions, because your development needs are as unique as you, be it business or personal.

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