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That little feeling…

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

I had a great reminder about the difference between management and leadership this week. I am currently in a position to be interviewing for new jobs. As such had two dramatically different interviews: one with a manager, one with a leader. What’s the difference you ask?

The first interview was with an individual who offered no instance of personal connection.  Jumped right into a barrage of questions without any follow up or opportunity for dialogue…one after the other without any time to come up for air!  There were a few other red flags as well.   The interview went fine, but I left with an ucky feeling.   My second interview was two-days later: there was a stark contrast.  This interviewer provided me with a warm greeting and didn’t begin the “interview” until some of the nieceties were covered.  Questions like, “how is your day going”?  and “do you have any big plans for the day”?  It was quite a difference, and I was left feeling like this is someone I’d be happy to report to.  Considering these were two people that I would have a direct relationship with, these interactions were very important. 

The contrast was a great reminder that there are significant differences between leaders and managers. Those who lead, make an effort to make personal connections. And its easy to draw a conclusion that these patterns of behavior will most likely demonstrate future behavior…that’s why organizations use behavioral-based interviewing…past behavior is a predictor of future behavior.

A leader will take the time to put team members at ease to ensure we can perform at our best. A leader will take the time to get to know you personally, this helps us find human connections that build and maintain rapport. A leader will leave you feeling good about any situation – even unpleasant ones! So, if you ever need to grapple with the question, “did have a leader or manager interaction”? Just ask yourself “how did I feel as a result of the interaction”?

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