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Something’s in the air

Why yes, it actually is in the air.  That feeling that you sometimes can’t put your finger on: something negative or something positive.  Yes, it is in the air. Once referred to as the Æther, transmitting frequencies that we cannot see or touch, but can definitely “sense.” 

Take the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher who discovered the power of frequencies and its effect on water.  His work focused on saying words, either negative or positive, and recording the resulting impact on drops of water or forming ice crystals. 

We all resonate at a frequency.  Negative thoughts, emotions, and words have a lower frequency than positive thoughts, emotions, and words.  As humans we are comprised of 70-90% water. It’s understandable how these frequencies can impact us in ways that we cannot visualize.

While some have questioned Dr. Emoto’s results and the efficacy of his work, we cannot deny that we feel differently in a negative vs. positively charged environment.  And, after all science is simply questioning and seeking answers regardless of the outcome.  If you remain skeptical, here are photos of sand exposed to different frequencies:

Its all in the delivery.  Finally, consider the work of Drs Goleman & Byotzis (2012). Their work in emotional intelligence has revealed a lot about the brain. Its not the message, its how the message is delivered. A negative message delivered with kindness actually leaves the recipient feeling better than a good, positive message delivered with indifference.

Be they thoughts, words, or actions, our work as leaders (formal or informal) means that we have the opportunity to impact someone or something in a negative or positive way.  At what frequency will you resonate today?  How will you affect someone or something today?  How do our thoughts impact projects?  Water and sand. Humans and things.  The power is within you to create the space in which others thrive or not, it really is in the air.   

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