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Leadership in real time

I am frequently asked about my hashtag #everybodyleads, as well as why we must Begin from Within as a leadership starting point.  True leadership is nothing more than an influence-based relationship. These relationships extends broadly into our personal world: volunteering, parenting, and so much more.  The opportunity to learn about the many elements that make us great at relationships also make us even better at leading.  Two of these foundational pieces are Mindset and Resiliency. These topics can be found in Begin from Within modules 3 and 5.

Mindset and Resiliency: powerful leadership tools

These are both important in leadership. Mindset provides us with the opportunity to 1) question everything and 2) be open to new or different perspectives. This becomes particularly relevant when we consider the definition of leadership, “an influence-based relationship that is active, reciprocal, and non-coercive.”  Growth Mindset is critical in leading as it breaks down the fallacy that leaders need to have all the answers.  That’s an old, outdated managerial paradigm.   

Resiliency is equally important. It provides us with the ability to bounce back.  Our team members need to see resilient leaders in adverse events. Resilient leaders will also remain active. Its at precisely these times when mindset and perspective becomes so important.  Imagine the excitement amongst the team when another perspective is offered and acted on.  It’s always fun to see these two leadership elements show up in our personal world. 

The first race

We had the opportunity to visit Matt C at his first race.  It was fun to see the ALS logo on the hood of his car, but more importantly hearing about Matt’s mindset and resiliency in the face of some pretty big distractions.   Not only was it Matt’s first race, but his car also had some pretty big cooling issues as well as losing power steering during the race. Having driven a car without power steering, I personally can’t even imagine!

June 4, 2022 – SouthSound Speedway with Matt C.

Despite needing to make multiple cooling system repairs and the power steering issue, Matt stayed with it and completed the race!  Such great examples of the power of both mindset and resiliency.  Thank you Matt for letting me share your story and good luck with your next race! Some might say, “stay frosty Matt,” but I’ll say, stay resilient Matt”!

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