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Its time…

Its time to make leadership accessible to all

For too long leadership development (LD) has been available to only a few. A few organizations who have the capacity to pay for it, or within those same organizations those “in the club.” The problem with this approach, in my humble opinion, is that we have created two classes. Two classes of organizations and two classes of employees.

Have we stifled the small business market by keeping LD expensive and un-attainable? Have we done our larger organizations an even bigger dis-service by separating those who can and those who cannot?

Consider how much pain and distress we could have avoided if only everyone had access to information and insights about:

  1. the power of influence and mutual dialogue,

  2. how to engage employees,

  3. how to retain new hires and veteran employees alike,

  4. why it matters,

  5. and of course why it all matters to the overall health about for our organizations and employees alike!

How many more organizational goals might have been met if only, we had leaders who could inspire us? Teach us how to do new things. Allow employees to innovate and work to the top of their capacity… How many small businesses might have grown exponentially…

Its time to make leadership available to everyone because we all have the capacity to lead. Managing is easy. Its based on an old, outdated paradigm of being told what, how, and when to do something, so its an easy go-to method. Leadership while not hard itself, is nuanced and requires a bit more work, but so worth it! Its time to make LD accessible to all, are you ready?

We’re bringing leadership development to all. Connect with us here or at

#reenvisionleading because everybody leads!

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