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But I don’t lead anyone…

Oh, but you do! Regardless of what role you hold within the organization, you have the capacity to lead, and most likely you already are. If you have ever,

  1. Influenced a peer’s decision, you’re a leader

  2. Convinced a co-worker that the change is for the benefit of the organization, you’re a leader

  3. Supported your managers decision, you’re a leader

  4. Inspired someone with a new idea, you’re a leader

  5. Encouraged a team member to pitch their idea, you’re a leader

  6. Gave a new employee welcoming encouragement, you’re a leader!

This is why the ALS motto is: everybody leads. Leadership is so much more than a title or a position. It is actions done in a helpful way that influences behavior (good, effective behavior of course), involves peers in discussion to better understand (not just to respond), and actively engages with others to and for support.

For so long, leadership has been seen as a position, that’s management. Management is a position or role, leaders exist at all levels. Organizations need everyone leading in order to support their mission and goals. As a team member, you might be in a better position to influence another team member because of a relationship between you. For more information on the distinction between management and leadership, check out the ALS Module 2: What is leadership?

Historically, organizations have limited “leadership” or “development” to those in specific roles or titles. We disagree. Leadership development is about creating a pipeline of 1) dedicated employees who are far more supportive of the organization and 2) ensuring readiness when the formal role presents itself. I cannot tell you how many times new leaders simply become too busy to fully invest in their development. The calendar fills up quickly with new meetings to attend, the budget becomes a priority, and as the stress increases it becomes that much more difficult to attain new information.

Many organizations do not have the resources to provide leadership development or a team member who fully understands how we learn. ALS provides an affordable solution. We offer a 12-part series of self-directed modules, interactive blog, learning & development tools, and leadership tools to support your learning wherever you are, because everybody leads!

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