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Comforting Hands


        Coaching or Mentoring for Providers Affected by        Stress & Strain


Facilitated by:
Danielle Lord, PhD                Archetype Learning Solutions

Trauma Coach Michon Garemani,
CHP  Rooted 2 Rise Coaching 

Michon Garemani, CHP  &   Danielle Lord, PhD

Caregivers and clinicians often experience trauma in their daily interactions.

These are events that may have significant implications, such as loss that inhibit a sense of well-being and happiness.  

COMPASS seeks to help prevent compassion fatigue and burnout while helping clinicians and caregivers work through emotional healing and support. 

Medical practitioners, caregivers, nurses, social workers, ED techs & scribes, 
family members...the work of healthcare is unique and often traumatic.


I want to join the discussion, and begin to heal from workplace trauma.

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