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Begin from Within complete series. This series contains the same curricula elements and supporting tools, but packaged together in a nice bundled version.   Please be sure to allow yourself the time and reflection between modules for the necessary reflective aspect of leadership development and learning.   These are larger files and may require a bit more time to download.  There are three downloads for convenience.

Self-study modules: Begin From Within series – the bundle

  • Now you have access to the same curricula and development tools as graduate students and employees in large organizations. Developed and brought to you by a Learning and Leadership Development specialist with 25 years of experience.

    The material:

    There are three-parts to this module: power point based slide-show (SS), a participant guide (PG), and the learning and development tools (LT) that allow you to measure your learning. Each module is a four-part self-study learning opportunity, supported by the PG.   The power point based slide show provides module highlights. The bulk of the material is in the PG, designed to be your guide and your educational materials.

    Each PG includes a pre- and post-learning assessment, focus moment, reflective opportunities, and activities. These are the same development tools used by professionals in large-organizations!  The LTs consist of competency rubrics, learning checklists, and a learning map.  Be sure to download all three files.

    Begin from Within – the bundle

    This is the complete series of Begin from Within modules.  For those learners who want everything in a nice tidy package, this is for you!  Like the individual modules, this bundle consists of the same curricula as well as all three sets of materials: slide show, participant guide, and optional learning tools.

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