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Everybody leads! Regardless of your formal title we all have the ability to lead.  As a formal leader this module will provide you with the insights and tools to develop your team members.  If you’re a leader without a team or direct reports, learn how to use the tools and advocate for your own development.

Employee Development II

  • Having spent my career in corporate learning, there are two things I’ve heard regularly:

    • Developing others isn’t something I should be doing
    • I would love to develop others, but I am not sure what to do

    If you are a leader, particularly a formal leader and lead teams, developing others is a very important part of your job.  Regardless of which camp you fall into, this module will help you understand the importance of your role as a leader who is passionate about leading others and a guide to development tools and how to use them.

    If you are a leader who does not lead teams, learn how to advocate for your own self-development.

    The second part of the Employee Development series covers more development tools including the leadership competency suite, your role as a leader coach, and how to give effective feedback!

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