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"I can't wait to fail," said no one. Ever.

Was it really a bad hire or did you fail to adequately TRAIN your new hire for success?

What you'll discover inside 

#1: Even veteran and well-tenured employees need information

#2: Socialization minimizes roles stress and confusion 

#3 Mentoring and socializing new team members takes everyone

Our toolkit ensures that socialization is so much more than a simple checklist. Make your new hires feel a part of the team from day one and set them up for success.


Hi, I'm Danielle Lord, your small business organizational development consultant 

Too often your new hires are placed into a culture they know nothing about. Worse yet, they are expected to figure out a complex system based on a simple checklist. Our toolkit assesses the specific needs of your new hires to set them up for success. 

I have been helping large businesses develop and structure supportive culture for 30 years, let me help you create a culture that welcomes and supports new hires beyond a checklist.

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Creator of the Socialization framework

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