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Begin from Within Module four: Learning Agility

Grit.  The mental toughness that allows us to shake off events and situations that did not go as planned.  Leadership encourages a resilient practice to allow us to quickly resume operations and functions, promote a growth mindset in self and others, and look for opportunities to improve rather than blame.

The learning and development goals of module five:

  • Lay a foundation for understanding what resiliency is
  • Recognize its importance in a leadership function
  • Identify some ways to develop a resiliency mindset

Everybody leads!  Begin your leadership development today.

Self-study module #5: Resiliency

  • Now you have access to the same curricula and development tools as graduate students and employees in large organizations. Developed and brought to you by a Learning and Leadership Development specialist with 25 years of experience.

    The material:

    There are three-parts to this module: power point based slide-show (SS), a participant guide (PG), and learning tools (LT). Each module is a four-part self-study learning opportunity, supported by the PG.   The power point based slide show provides module highlights. The bulk of the material is in the PG, designed to be your guide and your educational materials.

    Each PG includes a pre- and post-learning assessment, focus moment, reflective opportunities, and activities.  The learning tools consist of leadership competency rubrics, learning checklists, and a learning map. These are the same development tools used by professionals in large-organizations!  Be sure to download all three files.

    Module five: 

    This is module five of a 12 part series in the Begin from Within Leadership Development.  In this module we take a closer look at resiliency: one of the newest and important topics in leadership.  Management practices do not require resiliency as there is always something to blame for an event that does not go as planned.  As leaders, we must re-gain traction quickly to assess the full scope of events and move forward as an individual or team.

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