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Begin from Within Module four: Learning Agility

Lets dive into leadership! Welcome to module four where we explore the importance of understanding how we learn.  Fear is not your friend!  Sadly however fear has been used as a motivator for many years in a management practice.  Learning agility, as a leadership concept, ensures that as leaders we understand the fundamentals of how we learn.  This includes ourself as well as our team members as each member will learn at a pace that meets the make up of our individual brains.  As we encourage others to learn, take in, and act on information, its imperative that as leaders we understand the motivators and potential threats that either enhance or limit our capacity to learn.

The learning and development goals of module four:

–Demonstrates the fundamentals of learning to aid in the development and understanding of others

–Increase awareness of how we learn and what gets in the way of effective learning

–Establishes a framework for understanding the fundamentals of “neuroscience”

Everybody leads!  Begin your leadership development today.

Self-study module #4: Learning Agility

  • Now you have access to the same curricula and development tools as graduate students and employees in large organizations. Developed and brought to you by a Learning and Leadership Development specialist with 25 years of experience.

    The material:

    There are three-parts to this module: power point based slide-show (SS), a participant guide (PG), and learning tools (LT). Each module is a four-part self-study learning opportunity, supported by the PG.   The power point based slide show provides module highlights. The bulk of the material is in the PG, designed to be your guide and your educational materials.

    Each PG includes a pre- and post-learning assessment, focus moment, reflective opportunities, and activities. The learning tools consist of competency rubrics, learning checklists, and a learning map.  These are the same development tools used by professionals in large-organizations!  Be sure to download both files.

    Module four: 

    This is module three of a 12 part series in the Begin from Within Leadership Development.  In this module we explore the value of a Learning Agility as an important leadership concept to ensure that our team members are fully able to learn, take in, and respond to new information on a timeframe that fits their needs.

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