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Employees come to you for what you offer, they stay with you for what you provide.  Make sure you RETAIN your top talent.

Who is the guardian of your culture? If its not you, then who is, and what are they guarding? 

What you'll discover inside 

The Everest Experience: an executive retreat like no other!

#1: Human behavior is complex and not often taught, explore 100 years of human behavior that influences team dynamics

#2: Understand the frustration and stress of change

#3 Understand how to reframe conflict from negative to positive!


Hi, I'm Danielle Lord, your small business organizational development consultant 

Organizations are complex, made even more so by the often misunderstood or overlooked human behavior.  The Everest Experience takes a deep look into the very behaviors that shape organizational culture - the good and the bad.  We help leaders understand and correct the subtle behaviors that contribute to increased turnover, which impacts your operations. 

I have been helping large businesses develop and structure supportive culture for 30 years.  Don't let misunderstood human behavior impact your ability to retain top talent.

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Creator of The Everest Experience

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