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Engaging your employees:

12 strategic activities to drive your organization’s culture & commitment

When did we determine that business and kindness were mutually exclusive or beneficial?  Multiple variables and environmental factors have created organizations with cultures that do not support human beings.  Our unwillingness to respond with kindness, empathy, and heart has resulted in apathy among our team members and leaders alike.   Use the 12 engagement strategies to connect and ignite your team. They are known best-practices, easy, and free!  

It’s been said that we need to go slow to go fast, and Focused Moments provides an opportunity to escape, albeit briefly, the hectic pace of today’s world. Whether you use it for self-reflection and meditative moments or with your team to create shared experiences and stronger connections, Focused Moments provides an opportunity to bring your fully-present self into any situation.

"I like how you can open up the book on any page and find a story or image or question that provokes thought or dialog. This book is part journal and part treasure trove of short vignettes to bring together a group of people in shared experience and focused moments. Love it! I'm going to use it as a resource in my staff meetings"!

                                                                     Seattle-ite (2023)

"I have used this book at work to open up a meeting I'm facilitating and to help get everyone focused. It's a nice tool for your leadership toolkit"

                                                                   A. Klix, City of Seattle

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